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Hardwoods and Heat: Keeping Your Hardwood Floors Safe in Warm Weather

Hardwood is an excellent flooring product. Its look, durability, and value are nearly unparalleled. That said, hardwood flooring can be a bit finicky if we’re honest. That’s certainly true throughout the warm-weather seasons of the year. When it’s hot and humid outside, you want to make sure you’re keeping your hardwoods safe. Keep reading for a few tips. Watch Out for the Sun Direct sunlight can do a number on…

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Hardwood Flooring Myths: Wood Floors Are Too Hard to Maintain

This month we are continuing our series dispelling popular myths about hardwood flooring. This week we put to rest the notion that wood floor maintenance is especially difficult. Myth: Hardwood Floors Are Too Hard to Maintain This myth is a persistent one, perhaps in part because of all the images of damaged or rotting wood floors we see on cable TV home repair shows. Wood floors that aren’t maintained can…

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