We’ve been talking about luxury vinyl tile (or LVT) a lot on the Best Flooring Orange County blog the last few weeks. It’s an excellent, low-cost choice for flooring. Modern developments are really pushing the limits of what a synthetic vinyl product can look like, too, with realistic deep textures and patterns.

In our previous post, we looked at the question of whether luxury vinyl tile is really waterproof. The answer is yes, but before continuing further, definitely go read that post if you haven’t already. Today we want to push the limits of that question. Yes, LVT is waterproof, but how waterproof are we talking? Waterproof enough to use in your shower? Keep reading to find out.

Can Luxury Vinyl Tile Be Used in Showers?

So, can luxury vinyl tile be used in showers? Yes. Setting aside premade plexiglass/acrylic showers, the most popular products for showers are tile, cement and, yes, vinyl. Sheet vinyl is the easiest to install in a shower, because it won’t have any seams to worry about.

But LVT can work nicely as well. Remember, the LVT product itself is impervious to water damage in nearly all cases. The thing to watch out for is the seams. If water seeps through, you could end up with damage, mold or mildew.

Also, if pushing the limits of LVT in this way, look for a type with a waterproof guarantee, some kind of slip resistance, and mold/mildew inhibitors. You don’t need all those features in your living room, but you do in your shower.

A DIY Warning

A warning to the DIYers out there: no flooring product will be successful in a shower if you don’t get the surrounding details right. Make sure your install—regardless of flooring product—gets your plumber’s seal of approval.

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