At Best Flooring Orange County we love answering questions about flooring for our clients and potential clients. We’ve answered plenty on this blog in previous posts. Another question we field a lot is about which kinds of flooring are appropriate for moisture-prone spaces. You’ll hear lots of terms thrown around. Moisture resistant. Water resistant. Waterproof. “Made from waterproof materials.”

It can be a little frustrating figuring out what it all means. When it comes to luxury vinyl tile, we’ll set the record straight in today’s post.

Luxury Vinyl Tile: Waterproof or Not?

With luxury vinyl tile, the answer is straightforward, almost. (We’ll come back to the “almost.”) Because luxury vinyl tile is a 100% synthetic (petroleum-based) product, the material itself is 100% waterproof. End of story. You could leave a plank or tile out in the rain for a week, and it would be fine.

With luxury vinyl tile, there are no wood elements that could take on water, not even in the core of the product. Contrast this to laminate, which looks similar. Laminate floor has a wood fiber core, so if water ever gets down that deep, you’re in trouble. There is no such danger with LVT.

A Few Caveats

Here’s the “almost.” While the product itself is 100% waterproof, it doesn’t exist in isolation. Usually it’s installed on a plywood subfloor. If the installation isn’t done properly, water could seep through loose seams. The LVT will be fine, but the subfloor could become damaged, or you could start dealing with mold or mildew (in floating floor installations).

Similarly, LVT that mimics real tile is sometimes installed with grout. Take care of the grout, or it could become the weak link in your install.

Professional Installation Lowers Risk

If you’re concerned about issues with seams or grout, your best bet is to leave installation to the professionals. Our team at Best Flooring Orange County can help with that, too. Call us today to get started.

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