At Best Flooring Orange County we want our customers to be absolutely satisfied with their flooring choices, and that’s why we work so hard to educate our audience on flooring issues. We’ve already talked about many of the advantages of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) in general. But when is luxury vinyl tile actually better than some of its competitors, not just equal with them?

In today’s blog we’ll look at two situations where luxury vinyl tile is better than laminate.

When Moisture Is A Consideration, Choose Luxury Vinyl Tile

Laminate flooring usually has a core made from fiberboard, which is a wood-based material. If water gets into the fiberboard, laminate flooring will swell up, and structural integrity will weaken. If perfectly installed and maintained, the seams will be tight enough to keep moisture out for a short time. But in real-world conditions, results are often disappointing.

Vinyl, on the other hand, is a completely synthetic and waterproof material. You still need to be careful with installation methods, because some (like grouting tiles) aren’t 100% immune to water. In areas of low and moderate moisture (like kitchens, basements and bathrooms), LVT is a fantastic choice.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Is Better When You Want Uniform Materials Throughout

If you choose laminate for your house, you’re forced either to use it in spaces where water damage is likely (that’s a bad idea) or to switch to a different material like LVT in those spaces. So if you’re hoping to use just one material throughout, then choose luxury vinyl tile. It doesn’t have any space limitations and can be used throughout your home or office with no restrictions.

Need More Information?

Do you need more information about choosing between luxury vinyl tile and laminate flooring? Our expert team at Best Flooring Orange County can help by providing honest, unbiased answers to your questions. Give us a call at 714-238-9166 today for a free consultation or quote.

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