At Best Flooring Orange County we strive to help each customer make the best possible choice for their various flooring needs. We’ve talked before about the benefits of luxury vinyl tile (LVT), pointing out that it competes well with hardwoods.

Today’s blog post takes the question a bit further. When is luxury vinyl tile actually better than hardwood flooring? We’ll show you three scenarios.

When Budget Is a Top Concern

If budget is your biggest consideration, then a wood-look luxury vinyl tile is likely a better choice than hardwoods. Hardwoods are an awesome flooring option, but they aren’t cheap. A good wood-look LVT will get pretty close to the look of real hardwoods for a lot less money.

When You Need an Easy Install

Another situation where LVT is better than hardwood is the relative ease of installation. We’ll always recommend a professional installation, of course. But if you do choose to install flooring yourself, luxury vinyl tile is far easier to install. Most plank types have an interlocking mechanism similar to laminate planks. Even if you choose to grout your LVT, it’s still a simpler process than installing, staining, curing and maintaining hardwoods.

When You Need Better Waterproofing

Luxury vinyl tile is a better choice than hardwood flooring in areas prone to liquid spills, like bathrooms and kitchens. Wood is vulnerable to water damage from significant spills or minor flooding. Most luxury vinyl tile (when installed professionally) is not vulnerable and is either waterproof or highly water resistant.

Need More Information?

Do you need more information about choosing between luxury vinyl tile and hardwood flooring? Our expert team at Best Flooring Orange County can help. We’ll provide unbiased answers, because we sell and install both types. Give us a call at 714-238-9166 today for a free consultation or quote.

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