One of the great traits of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is the number of options you have regarding pattern, or placement. LVT comes in multiple shapes, with rectangle, square and plank being the most common. It also comes in just about any design or look you could imagine, from intricate geometric patterns to wood look to a stone or tile appearance.

In today’s post, we’re not talking about the pattern or finish that’s on each luxury vinyl tile—we’ve written before on hot color trends in wood flooring, and those work for wood-look LVT, too. Instead, we’re talking about the physical shapes and patterns you make when installing those tiles.

Go Classic with Grid

One classic look that’s still working in 2019 is the traditional grid. Each tile is placed in the same direction in a grid shape, with no offset. This look works well with square or rectangular tiles that are fairly uniform. We don’t recommend it with wood-look tiles, though, because it magnifies the seams and makes it look a little bit fake.

Make a Statement with Diagonal

Installing luxury vinyl tile in a diagonal offset pattern makes a bold statement and increases the drama of a space. This method is especially effective with rectangle or plank shapes and really pops in a large, open room with right-angled walls (because the diagonal effect is more obvious against the right angles). Installation is a bit trickier, so we don’t recommend attempting diagonal as a DIY project unless you’re quite experienced.

Diagonal can work well with multicolored planks or a mix of two different plank colors, as well.

Quarter Turn

If you choose a square tile with discernable striping or patterning, quarter turn can be a dramatic choice. We’re seeing lots of quarter turn in business settings this year, and we expect that trend to continue.

Need a Professional Opinion?

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