Are you considering replacing some of the flooring in your home or workplace? If so, you’re probably working hard at evaluating the differences between various types of flooring. At Best Flooring Orange County we regularly get questions about the pros and cons of the various flooring materials we offer.

One of the selling points of luxury vinyl tile (or LVT) is its durability. If you’ve been in any showrooms recently, you probably heard sales reps tout this trait if they talked about LVT. But did they get specific about what makes luxury vinyl tile so durable? Probably not.

That’s OK; we’ll pick up the slack. Here are two reasons luxury vinyl tile is so durable.

Synthetic Products Like LVT Avoid “Natural Product” Weaknesses

Luxury vinyl tile is a synthetic petroleum-based product. Because it’s not made from a natural material (like wood or stone or tile), it avoids the weaknesses associated with those flooring types. Hardwoods are solid, but they can be scratched and can suffer water damage. Stone and tile can be cracked or chipped, and certain types also suffer from scratching. Luxury vinyl tile is virtually immune to all these natural weaknesses.

Enhanced Water Resistance Improves Longevity and Durability

Luxury vinyl tile can mimic the look of hardwood, stone and even ceramic. But it’s nearly impervious to water in most applications, improving both durability and longevity. Yes, hardwoods will last longer if you can keep the water away, but LVT’s ability to resist water damage is a huge plus.

Want to Learn More?

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