If there’s one thing that’s true about the home décor industry, it’s that styles and trends come and go. As hard as it is to believe, hunter green really was a good choice for kitchen color in the late 90s. And today it seems crazy that a few decades earlier everyone put ugly shag carpet over their beautiful wood floors.

If you’re in the market for new hardwood flooring (or if you’re considering refinishing your existing hardwood flooring), here at Best Flooring Orange County we can guide you on the colors that are trending now.

The Gray Trend Continues Into Flooring

Gray has been the hot color for a couple years now, but it’s largely been relegated to walls and décor. Hardwood manufacturers have responded to this trend, however, and we’re starting to see light and medium gray finishes on hardwoods.

Of course, you can get other flooring types like luxury vinyl tile or engineered hardwood in gray hues, too. Gray hardwoods are especially trendy: we’re seeing shades and finishes that haven’t been seen before.

Light Is In, Dark Is Out

Across the board, lighter finishes are on trend. These include blonde, honey, whitewashed and (of course) light gray. Lighter floors bring a freshness and brightness that darker floors can’t match.

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