Do you own rental properties in the Orange County area? If you’re considering renovating a rental property in the near future, you’re likely working through a long list of questions about what’s best for rental properties. Among others, you may be wondering about the best flooring types for rental properties.

Best Flooring Types for Rental Properties

At Best Flooring Orange County, we work with many landlords and property owners, and we understand that priorities are different when planning renovations of a rental property. Aesthetics are important, of course, but price and durability are much more important.

Price is important because you’re in this to make a profit. For this reason you’ll probably stay away from the most expensive flooring types, like solid hardwoods. Durability is important because you don’t have the same level of control over what happens in a rental property compared to what happens in your own home. With that in mind, here are our top recommendations for the best flooring types for rental properties.

Best for Kitchens and Bathrooms: Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile is a versatile flooring choice. It’s exceptionally durable, and click-lock varieties are waterproof as well. Sheet vinyl can be prone to ripping or gouging, and it’s not really possible to repair a small area. Luxury vinyl tile is a sturdier product that doesn’t face these challenges. If damage does occur, you can often replace only the damaged tiles.

Best for Everywhere Else: Laminate, or Even Carpet

For the rest of the home, we recommend a quality laminate product. Laminate holds up well under less-than-careful treatment, and it’s a fairly inexpensive flooring choice, too.

Carpet can be a good choice for bedrooms, but it does soil easily. Don’t be surprised if you have to replace it when tenants move out.

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