This week on the Best Flooring Orange County blog, we’re back dispelling another myth about hardwood flooring.

Have you ever heard that hardwood flooring is bad for the environment? After all, you have to cut down trees to make flooring out of them. More and more consumers are becoming eco-conscious. Maybe you yourself have wondered about whether hardwood flooring is the eco-conscious choice.

Myth: Wood Floors Are Bad for the Environment

This myth is pretty straightforward. Cutting down trees doesn’t exactly seem like the most eco-friendly choice. (We’ve all seen FernGully, right?) Cutting down trees—especially rare or exotic ones—to turn them into flooring doesn’t seem like the most earth-friendly choice.

And of course, that flooring has to be cut, finished, stained and transported. Each of these steps has its own environmental impact.

Reality: Hardwood Flooring Is One of the Most Eco-Friendly Flooring Choices

The reality is a bit more nuanced than that. It’s true that manufacturing hardwood flooring does require cutting down trees and that all the steps along the manufacturing process have an environmental impact.

The truth is, all forms of flooring have some amount of environmental impact. The goal is to lessen, not eliminate, that impact. And that’s where hardwood flooring shines.

Wood Is Renewable. Oil Isn’t.

Wood is a renewable resource. Oil (specifically, petroleum, from which vinyl flooring products are made) isn’t. Some manufacturers are even certified for using sustainable harvesting practices. In other words, they plant and take care of trees to replace the ones they cut down, greatly lessening their ecological impact.

There’s also far less environmental impact from working with wood than there is from refining petroleum or even powering the ovens that bake tile.

All in all, hardwood flooring is one of the most eco-friendly flooring choices you can make.

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