We’re back this week with another hardwood flooring myth we want to dispel. One fairly common myth we run into at Best Flooring Orange County is that hardwood flooring is a bad investment if you’re not sure how long you’ll be living in your home. Let’s explore why people think this as well as why it’s not true.

The Reason for the Myth

The idea is that because hardwood flooring is a little more expensive than other flooring types, it’s not worth the cost unless you’re going to live in the home long enough to really enjoy it. You don’t want to invest more money than necessary in a home you don’t intend to keep. So, the thinking goes, hardwood flooring isn’t a good investment if you plan to move soon.

But is this way of thinking accurate? No, it’s not. Here’s why.

What the Myth Misses

What the myth misses is that hardwood flooring actually adds value to your home. Many other expenses (a new couch or state-of-the-art TV) will move with you and don’t affect your home’s value. They may make your home look more attractive or appealing, but they don’t move the needle on the sale price.

Hardwood flooring does. Homes with real hardwood flooring throughout command a premium price on the real estate market. The increase in sale price is around 2.5%, according to reporting at Realtor.com.

Reality: Hardwoods Are One of the Best Investments

The reality, then, is that hardwood flooring may be the best type of flooring if you plan to move soon. It raises your sale price considerably and makes your home more attractive to buyers.

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