Hardwood is legendary for its longevity. Properly maintained hardwood can last over 100 years— that’s a long time! To last that long, hardwood flooring needs to be well maintained. It also needs to avoid major, catastrophic damage throughout its lifetime.

One reason hardwood can last so long is that it can be refinished a half dozen times or more in its life cycle. Refinishing is a great way to extend the life of hardwoods, but it’s not always the right choice. Here are three signs that it’s time to replace, not refinish, your hardwoods.

The Wood Has Suffered Structural Damage

If much of your hardwood has suffered real structural damage, it’s time to replace, not refinish. Floods, fires, and termites are three regular sources of structural damage. Waterlogged wood usually can’t be redeemed, nor can wood that’s been damaged by termites.

If only a small portion of your floor has suffered this kind of damage, we might be able to replace just the damaged boards. Contact us today to have your floor evaluated.

What’s Under the Floor Is Damaged

If your subfloor or joists need replacing, your hardwoods likely do, too. Even if the top side looks to be in good shape, the bottom likely isn’t. Whatever happened to the joists or subfloor probably affected the hardwoods as well.

You Don’t Like the Plank Shape

Refinishing is a great and cost-effective way to breathe new life into your floors. It can change the color and improve the look. But that may not matter if you’re looking for a different plank shape or install pattern. The only way to get a new shape or pattern is to replace the floor entirely.


Whether you need to replace or refinish your hardwoods, our team at Best Flooring Orange County is ready to help. Contact us today for an estimate!

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