As we continue our series on hardwood flooring myths, we’ll look today at some of the confusion surrounding hardwood flooring coloration. Some people think that the wood coloration degrades over time, becoming unsightly and inconsistent. Let’s look at the merits of this point.

Myth: Wood Coloration Becomes Inconsistent and Unsightly Over Time

The thinking goes that wood, as a natural product, will have an inconsistent look and fade over time. The look can become inconsistent. You might like the color you started with, but what if you don’t like the color you end up with after the passage of a few years?

Reality: Fading Is Natural but Fixable

There is some element of truth to this myth. Wood is a natural product, and as such it’s subject to some natural variation in look and pattern. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, too, meaning not every customer has the same idea about what natural patterns (think knots, whorls, and such) look good. As a consumer, it’s up to you to ensure that the boards chosen for your flooring meet your aesthetic expectations.

As far as fading goes, though, the concerns here are overblown. Yes, sunlight and wear will affect the coloration of your flooring. High-traffic or high-sunlight areas will become lighter over time. However, this natural patina can sometimes actually enhance your floor’s look. Rotating furniture and floor rugs so that flooring is exposed to sunlight at similar levels will help keep things even. And if the discoloration becomes too much for your taste, you can simply refinish your floors and restore them to a uniform look.


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