This month we are continuing our series dispelling popular myths about hardwood flooring. This week we put to rest the notion that wood floor maintenance is especially difficult.

Myth: Hardwood Floors Are Too Hard to Maintain

This myth is a persistent one, perhaps in part because of all the images of damaged or rotting wood floors we see on cable TV home repair shows. Wood floors that aren’t maintained can become damaged and start decaying; no one doubts the truth of that. Of course it’s possible for poorly maintained wood floors to become damaged, but that doesn’t mean that the maintenance is difficult.

Reality: Maintenance Is Simple, and Maintained Wood Lasts Forever

The truth is that maintaining a wood floor isn’t that complicated. For all maintenance, always refer to the care instructions provided by your seller or installer, as specifics vary depending on wood type and finish. But in general, you should regularly sweep/dust your wood floor and use a damp (not soaking) mop to remove excess dirt and stains.

Deeper cleaning may require a specific type of wood floor cleaner, one that works well with the type of finish you have. Again, refer to the provided care instructions for the type of cleaner to use. Never use harsh chemicals or strong household cleaners on your wood floor. Also, cover the feet on chairs and stools to avoid scratching (and institute a “no high heels in the kitchen” rule — your feet will thank you anyway).


Wood flooring maintenance is no more complicated than maintenance for other flooring types—provided you follow the given instructions. For more on wood floor maintenance or to begin a consultation about purchasing wood floors for your home, give Best Flooring Orange County a call today.

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